Gerry Spitzner

patient services

It’s time to think beyond the pill

2020 brought exponential change to the world of retail pharmacy (and not all of it Covid-related). So, what will things look like as we’re getting on with our new world? No one knows for sure. However, one thing for sure is that it’s evident there’s been a major shift in the public’s perception of healthcare […]

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Rx for customer success

Consumers’ needs and expectations are constantly evolving in the healthcare market.  But the one thing that’s never changed in any business is listening to your customers.  The customer’s experience is the greatest determinant of success in any business. Customer experience and loyalty are harmonious, and nothing differentiates one pharmacy retailer from another more than the

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What’s the key to launching a new patient service?

For many pharmacists, the process of launching a new patient service begins with that lightbulb moment when they conceive of a breakthrough idea. Often, they are so passionate about their idea that they believe its merits will be self-evident to prospective customers. It will sell itself! Reality check: just because you’ve developed a cool product

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