Gerry Spitzner

Husband | Father | Advisor | Teacher | Woodworker

Hi, I'm Gerry Spitzner

I’m a passionate retailer & marketeer with a love story for retail pharmacy. Fascinated with trends and customer experience. I do my best. 

I like learning new things. My joy is woodworking. 

Welcome to my website.

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Start a Business

Start a business not a startup. A successful business starts with a strategic plan. 


Customer Experience

You can only grow your business if you have loyal customers and make them feel special.



Strategy is making choices, trade-offs and setting yourself apart from the competition.


Daily Operations

Every business needs to deliver its product or service effectively and efficiently.


Brand Image

Connect with customers on an emotional level.


Team Management

The right people working together can deliver outstanding results.



Get the most from your largest dollar investment.



Delegate well to show the way, then get out of the way.

About Me

I’m Gerry Spitzner.
I Help People Build Their Dreams.

I believe in helping people achieve leadership, professional, and business success. An entrepreneurial thinker and business development advisor; I’m an optimist with a curiosity for solutions to improve life and business results. 

I grew up in the North End of Winnipeg and come from immigrant parents who worked hard to make a life here. They passed on to me the value of working hard and smart. How treating people with respect and being truthful is important.


What People Are Saying

“He is a trainer, coach, teacher and most of all a man of action. Gerry has the ability to turn a business challenge into a positive ending and the ability to turn a failing business into a successful and profitable one! His knowledge, expertise, experience, style and communication skills are his primary assets. ”

Frank Cucca

“I had the great pleasure of working with Gerry in the BOSS entrepreneurial program at Capilano University. Gerry acts with courage and conviction in initiating successful new projects, fueled by his entrepreneurial zeal and passion. He is a very personable, ethical, highly skilled and experienced executive who takes the time to understand the needs of his clients."

Norm Binion

"Gerry is a passionate and engaged member of the retail community. In his roles as leader, teacher and volunteer, he has made a very positive contribution to numerous Retail BC/Shelfspace programs and events."

Mark Startup

"Gerry is a consumate professional who is very knowledgeable in his field. He is always willing to share his past experiences and eager to take on new opportunities for the future. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gerry and found to be always at ease when talking with him. Gerry knows his stuff and knows it well."

Adelaine Saria

woodworking tools


I make stuff for friends and family but I also enjoy doing custom work. Message me with your idea.