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Get with the Pharmacy business program

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The old saying “nothing remains constant except change itself” must have been written by someone well-versed in the day-to-day operations of retail pharmacy.   We must adapt and grow with every change we encounter. For me the pace of change is staggering. The nature of this business is changing so quickly that you need to be nimble and flexible. Focusing on the business of your practice is crucial to your professional and personal success. Today, the change before us is that the healthcare industry is evolving and so too are…read more

Why Pharmacists need to learn to always begin at the end

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For many Pharmacists, the process of launching a new patient service begins with the lightbulb moment when they conceive of a breakthrough idea.   Very often, they are so passionate about the idea that they believe its merits will be self-evident to prospective customers and patients—that the innovation is so obviously superior it will sell itself. On the other hand, entrepreneurial thinking Pharmacists who avoid that delusion may think of their initial sales as a chicken-and-egg problem…they realize that getting buy-in from potential customers is a top priority, but until they…read more

You gotta know your numbers

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There are two chronic afflictions that can “kill” your retail Pharmacy business…too much inventory and high overhead. If they get out of control; either one of them will ruin your business. Today, you have no excuse for letting overhead or inventory get out of control. What will you do, on a regular basis, to make sure they don’t? The good news is that with today’s affordable computerized business systems, you can rid yourself of these two ailments. However, simply implementing the systems is not enough. You must take the time…read more

Don’t be apprehensive about promoting your patient services

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I have two questions for you, both based on the following hypothetical situation: Suppose I told you I had developed a solution to one of your biggest life problems—the kind of problem that literally keeps you awake at night.  Maybe I discovered a way to help you lose weight and stay in shape effortlessly.  Maybe I can show you how to save so much money that you can retire and do what you really want.  Maybe I have a parenting approach that will get your teenage kids to stop ignoring…read more

Suppliers; If you think you know who your customers are,..think again

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Do you know who your customers really are? It may surprise you that many suppliers don’t. In fact, if you’re like most businesses that sell products/services to e-commerce and storefront retailers, you probably think your customers are everyday consumers. That is, the people buying your product off of store shelves. It’s a common misconception. In reality, retailers are your customers, and the retailers’ customers are your end consumers. If you frame your strategy around this premise, your sales approach will always be on the safe side of retailers. While your…read more

My 2cents for the graduating class of 2016 PharmSci students

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With graduation season upon us, we look forward to celebrating the pharmacist graduates in our life.  For many, it can be a stressful time.  With young people receiving so many mixed messages about their futures and the choices they are expected to make, confusion is inevitable.  Learning to ask the right questions is an important skill to develop that will help you identify and seize opportunities to build a successful career. A lot of people — including many health professionals themselves — tend to overlook the fact that pharmacists, docs,…read more

5 ways to get new products onto retail store shelves

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You’ve worked hard on your new product, and now you’re looking to take the next step for your start-up. But what does it take to get a product onto retail store shelves? Here are five important tips to help you get started on your sales and marketing plan. 1. Get Feedback Get in front of buyers from day one, and then get their feedback. The goal should be to gauge your buyers’ reaction to your product. Try to get people really interested in buying from you before you invest too…read more