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12 questions you need to ask your pharmacist

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Do you know what your Pharmacist does and can do for you? The conversation with your pharmacist is a two-way street: both parties should be listening, asking questions, and offering information.  The pharmacist should ask you for relevant information about your medical history, tell you about the medication, and answer your questions. You should ask questions, talk about your concerns, and provide any necessary health information to the pharmacist.  You should choose your pharmacist as carefully as you choose your doctor.  Find a pharmacist that you are comfortable talking with,…read more

The Changing Community Pharmacy Landscape

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Playing it safe is the most risky place you can be. In today’s constantly changing retail Pharmacy landscape, where our patients, our customers, our competitors, and even our solutions are continually evolving; why do we so frequently opt for the so-called “safe” options when trying to grow or sustain how we do business? How Safe Is Too Safe? Safety suggests an idea has been tried and tested and gives the impression that we’re somehow mitigating the risks for our organization.  But increasingly I feel “safe” might just be the new…read more


Trends and Insights

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I’m fascinated with stats focused on demographics and the hidden treasures of trends they hold. Some recent research on your customers — focused on social network usage yielded these nuggets for quick consumption and interpretation. 65% of adult Internet users, now use a social networking site such as MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn (up 7% from one year ago. 8% said they used social networking sites in 2005). On a typical day:  61% of Internet users access their email 59% of Internet users access search engines 43% of Internet users access…read more


Develop a social media strategy for marketing Pharmacy Professional Services

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Before discussing a point of view on the rules of engagement between retail Pharmacy marketing and social media it is important to baseline the term “social media.” For the purpose this blog post, I’ll define “Pharma” social media as content that is created on the Internet by a staff Pharmacist and not produced by journalists, editors or media conglomerates. Some examples of this type of online content include discussion forums, blogs, and more recently, content on Facebook and Twitter. This space is relatively new and will continue to evolve as…read more


The face of pharmacy: Professionalism drives awareness

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I thought this is such a good blog post that I had to copy and paste it to share; I sure hope the author Brandon Tenebaum doesn’t mind. Well done Brandon, well done. Want to build awareness of the value of pharmacist services? Present a more professional image. Written by Brandon Tenebaum on July 5, 2011 for Our profession is at an important point in its history. Governments, faced with budgetary shortfalls and deficits, have taken the axe to pharmacy funding in a move that is clearly short sighted. These…read more