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Why Pharmacists need to learn to always begin at the end

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For many Pharmacists, the process of launching a new patient service begins with the lightbulb moment when they conceive of a breakthrough idea.   Very often, they are so passionate about the idea that they believe its merits will be self-evident to prospective customers and patients—that the innovation is so obviously superior it will sell itself. On the other hand, entrepreneurial thinking Pharmacists who avoid that delusion may think of their initial sales as a chicken-and-egg problem…they realize that getting buy-in from potential customers is a top priority, but until they…read more

You gotta know your numbers

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There are two chronic afflictions that can “kill” your retail Pharmacy business…too much inventory and high overhead. If they get out of control; either one of them will ruin your business. Today, you have no excuse for letting overhead or inventory get out of control. What will you do, on a regular basis, to make sure they don’t? The good news is that with today’s affordable computerized business systems, you can rid yourself of these two ailments. However, simply implementing the systems is not enough. You must take the time…read more


5 ways to get new products onto retail store shelves

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You’ve worked hard on your new product, and now you’re looking to take the next step for your start-up. But what does it take to get a product onto retail store shelves? Here are five important tips to help you get started on your sales and marketing plan. 1. Get Feedback Get in front of buyers from day one, and then get their feedback. The goal should be to gauge your buyers’ reaction to your product. Try to get people really interested in buying from you before you invest too…read more

How to get your product to retail stores

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Preparing Your Product for Distribution Success Getting your product onto retailer’s shelves is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort. Before you go leaping ahead to that all important sale, first you must know how you will get your product to retailers and fulfill your contract.  Not something you want to start working on after you’ve made that sale. Depending on the type of retailer you are targeting there are several ways to get your product to their door. Retailers often belong to several different supply chains,…read more

Customers Complain. Here’s 5 Rules to Help Your Employees Deal With It

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No matter the size of your business, your success will always lie in your ability to deal with customers. In an age when consumers have so many different options they can turn to, one factor that can significantly set you apart is an emphasis on a reliable customer experience. If you can effectively handle a customer’s questions and troubleshoot her problems, it is bound to add to the overall growth of your business. The #1 Factor in Customer Loyalty In a recent study; an indepth analysis of customer loyalty drivers…read more

Embracing The Social Shopper

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People are consuming massive amounts of content each day via their smartphones, tablets, laptops and the multiple social media platforms, blogs and publications they engage with. Male and female, young and old, a fast-growing number of today’s shoppers are tapping into social media to find product information, get deals, read reviews and share opinions on purchases.  In order to meet the needs of these social shoppers, retail organizations must join the social media fray.  But to be successful in the social realm, merchants must carefully plan and execute a strategy…read more

The important parts of any retail business

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In the “game of business” it pays to know about the important things and what they are. To me, my list is fairly short. To you it might be different altogether. Product and or service – You better have something of value to offer or customers won’t buy.  And more important they won’t come back.  Profitability is in the repeat business; not the transaction. Leverage – Your time; you work hard, then over time you create a business system that leaves you out of it so others can do it…read more